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Lead CAD Designer

Jacquie joined West Midlands Gas in 1985 as a trainee draughtswoman in the Regional Design and Construction Office, progressing to Senior draughtswoman..

During her time in Head Office, Jacquie was one of 5 employees chosen following a gruelling selection weekend to be sponsored to take part in Operation Raleigh, representing British Gas. Jacquie worked on 3 key projects to improve living conditions in Zimbabwe over a period of 3 months. On return, Jacquie presented a paper about her experience on “Operation Raleigh Zimbabwe” to West Midlands Gas Association and won first prize in a short paper competition.

Jacquie moved to Transco in Bristol, where she took the position of Engineering Officer. A few years later the company was undergoing big changes and Jacquie pursued a career contracting, working for companies including Ove Arup and Partners in Bristol and Cardiff, Atkins and Persimmon homes. Jacquie worked on large civil projects such as the Jubilee Line Extension ground works, M4 relief road in Wales, Solid modelling for ground works on the Eden project and many more local projects.

In 2014 Jacquie took a position as CAD technician for CNG Services and more recently has been promoted to lead CAD designer.