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...pressure filling station connected to the grid.

CNG Services Ltd (CSL) is pleased to see the opening of the new CNG Fuels compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station, just off junction 28 of the M6, near Leyland, Lancashire.

CSL managed the design and build of the CNG station, the first of its kind in the UK that allows vehicles to fill up on CNG made directly from the high-pressure local transmission system.

John Baldwin, CNG Services Managing Director says: “Overcoming the challenges presented by connecting to the high pressure grid is a big step forward in the reduction of greenhouse gas from UK transport and signals the start of a shift from diesel to clean natural gas as the fuel of choice for trucks.”

Baldwin continues: “The UK has a uniquely attractive asset in the form of 10,000 KM of high pressure gas grid that is located close to most major distribution depots. I pay tribute to National Grid Distribution for identifying that this asset is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint from road haulage, with much less energy required for compression together with very high CNG flow rates. With significant quantities of biomethane now being injected into the gas grid, we can look to a future with Bio-CNG taking carbon out of road transport and improving air quality at the same time.”

Philip Fjeld, Director at CNG Fuels, said: “Using natural gas also cuts CO2 emissions by more than 20% and if fleets choose to fuel their trucks with Bio-CNG, they will be running on 100% renewable gas.”

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