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December 13th - DECC gives Shale Gas Exploration the Go Ahead

December 11th - John Baldwin, CSL MD was interviewed live by Sky News - read the transcript here

December 5th  - Response to the Autumn Statement - A Golden Age for Gas?

November 21st - Prince of Wales launches the UK's first commercial Biomethane to Grid plant at Poundbury

November 14th - Presentation at the I Mech E Sustainable Vehicle Conference: High Pressure CNG for HGVs

October 2nd - Labour Party Conference presentation: Shale Gas and Our Energy Challenges

May 31st - The UK's First Biomethane Day Presentations now available to download on our Events page

May 24th - Getting Shale Gas to Market (download the presentation here)

April 23rd - Renewable Energy: Made in Britain features CSL's "Organic Waste to Vehicle Fuel" Network

April 17th - Hydrofracking given the Green light: Shale Gas Exploration Approved by UK Government

January 18th - Shale Gas and the Road Fuel Market - presentation to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil


November 11th - Renewable Energy Infrastructure Awards

June 10th - UK Air Quality Inquiry

May 25th - Shale Gas Exploration Approved

March 10th - Renewable Heat Incentive Announced

February 3rd - Impact of Shale Gas

January 18th - New Fuel for Kazakhstan


November 17th - Decarbonising Road Transport and Heat

October 29th - CNG Services Ltd Newsletter

October 11th - Green Gas Certification Scheme

October 8th - Adnams Brewery BtG

October 5th - First UK BtG at Didcot

September 14th - Introducing the Passat Ecofuel

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