Compressed Natural Gas

Design, build and project management for CNG stations.

CNG makes an excellent vehicle fuel for combustion engines as its high octane rating and low carbon content give a more complete combustions with fewer emissions and extends engine life.

There are a number of other benefits to using CNG as a vehicle fuel, such as:

  • Cost effective alternative - cutting fuel costs by up to 40%
  • 15% reduction in tail-pipe CO2 emissions for dual-fuel trucks
  • Little or no emissions during fueling for dedicated CNG vehicles (this type of emission accounts for 50% of a vehicle's hydrocarbon emissions)
  • Significant reductions in NOx and PM10s compared to petrol / diesel - often exceeding the Euro 5 emissions standard

CNG Services Ltd can offer assistance in relation to the procurement of CNG vehicles and have a database of all available CNG vehicles and their costs. CSL also offers support in:

  • Cost comparisons between existing fleets and the natural gas vehicles available
  • Carbon footprint comparison with existing fleets
  • Air quality benefits compared to diesel
  • Training in relation to natural gas vehicles
  • Operational support and advice

A list of natural gas vehicles that are available in the UK is available to download click here

CSL also owns and operates a CNG filling station in Crewe - see the Crewe page for more details on filling up your CNG vehicles.


We recognise that most operators are sceptical about the viability of such a project as the technology is relatively new and that there has been little information available to the operator.

The fundamental issues and concerns to be addressed include:

  • Is CNG cost efficient?
  • Are CNG vehicles reliable?
  • Which vehicle do I choose?
  • Will all of the environmental concerns be adequately addressed?
  • Will CNG fit with the special needs of my business?
  • How will CNG affect the public perception of my business?
  • How will the use of CNG impact on the daily running of my business?

Our Demonstrator+ option will allow you to answer these questions for your business. Contact Us for more details.