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About Us

CNG Services Limited (CSL) provides design, consultancy and construction services in relation to the injection of biomethane into the gas grid and the use of Bio-CNG as a truck fuel.

CNG refinery station

CNG Services Ltd supports the development of new anaerobic digester projects including a range of utilisation options for the biogas:

  • Clean-up of biogas to produce biomethane
  • Injection of biomethane into gas distribution networks
  • Compression of biomethane for use as fuel for trucks
  • Support for the introduction of Bio-CNG vehicles

CSL is INDEPENDENT of manufacturers of AD plants, CHP plants, gas clean-up plants and compression plant manufacturers. CSL is a member of the Renewable Energy Association and the EUA.

CNG Refinery CNG Refinery CNG Refinery

In the past 10 years our efforts have produced a material impact with an estimated 20 year project life reduction in CO2 emissions of 17,500,000 tonnes


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For more information about CNG and the projects, we work on you can download our latest brochure here.

Over 20 years of the RHI, the net carbon saving from CSL biomethane injection projects will total… 15,200,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent



The REA and CNG Services have been running UK Green Gas Day since 2012. It’s the largest industry gathering in the UK focused on green gases, including hydrogen, with over 300 people attending all previous years.

The event will be held on 5th September 2024 at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. Booking opening soon

health & Safety


It is the objective of CNG Services Limited (CSL) to prevent injury and ill health, together with the protection of the activities.

CSL believes that all accidents are preventable and we are committed to the continuous improvement of health, safety and environmental performance in all its actions.

CNG Refinery CNG Refinery CNG Refinery

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a green and holistic solution that addresses the needs of our customers and those of the environment. We aim to lead the shift towards green renewable gas by designing and developing innovative gas solutions by working collaboratively with companies and communities to make energy simpler, smarter, and more sustainable. Guided by science and engineering, we find practical and lasting solutions to build a brighter and greener future.


Industry First

CNG Services has achieved many firsts over the years in the CNG industry. Such as being the first to design and build a ‘mother’ station to compress and dispense natural gas or the first multiple Type 4 CNG trailer loading system.



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