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Gas Transporter Licence

CNG Services holds a Gas Transporter Licence. Our focus is on high pressure connections to and from the gas grid, especially renewable gases. As a Gas Transporter, we ensure we meet our licence obligations, with our performance subject to regulation by Ofgem. This includes publishing some regulatory documents, which are available below.

Connection Charges

Connection charging statement

Individual Network Code

CNG Services Individual Network Code document

Transportation Charges

Gas transporter licence, standard licence condition 4A

Fordoun Bio-CNG Mother Station Fordoun Bio-CNG Mother Station Fordoun Bio-CNG Mother Station

Industry Firsts

CNG Services has achieved many firsts over the years in the CNG industry. Such as being the first to design and build a ‘mother’ station to compress and dispense natural gas or the first multiple Type 4 CNG trailer loading system.



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