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Fordoun Mother station Fordoun Mother station Fordoun Mother station

CNG company firsts

Since its launch in 2003, CNG Services has been a leader in innovation in the gas industry and has made the transition from fossil natural gas to renewable gases, biomethane, Bio-SNG, and hydrogen.

In 2016 we were awarded a Queen’s Award for Industry: Innovation.

From 2020 we decided to only work on projects that contribute to reducing GHG and this is the key part of our ISO 14001 commitment and covers all our business activities.

In the past 10 years, our efforts have produced a material impact with an
estimated 20-year project life reduction in CO2 emissions of 17,500,000 tonnes
from the following projects:

Emerald Biogas
  • Biomethane injection into the gas grid (we have worked on over 80 such projects)
  • Running trucks on Bio-CNG (we are founder and a significant equity owner of CNG Fuels Ltd)
  • Converting industrial customers from oil to gas
  • Providing connections to back up gas power generation plants
  • Developing Europe’s largest CNG virtual pipeline in the Highlands of Scotland

Given the Net Zero requirement by 2050, we will continue to focus on the above areas but we will also develop new innovation projects

  • Production of hydrogen and its injection into the gas grid and directly into industrial customer appliances
  • Running trucks on HCNG (a blend of 50% Bio-CNG and 50% H2)
  • The combination of gas engine electricity generation plants with batteries to provide capacity for windless weeks and fast-acting flexibility
  • Development of projects using industrial heat pump technology

The following projects were made possible by a number of innovations
pioneered by CSL which will continue to support a low-carbon future.

Fordoun Bio-CNG Mother Station

First CNG Virtual Pipeline – ‘Mother Station’

  • First to design and build a ‘mother’ station to compress and dispense natural gas from NTS block valve site. The gas is metered, odorized and compressed to 250 bar, and dispensed into CNG trailers
  • The first use of a non-chromatograph device to measure the calorific value of gas from the NTS pipeline

First NTS ‘Self-Lay’Offtake

First ever self lay and CNG station connection to the NTS including trialing processes and documentation, successfully adopted by National Grid. Prepared a Major Accident Prevention Document (MAPD) and Safety Case Exemption for the pipeline taking gas from the NTS to supply the ‘mother station’

MOC Valve Fordoun
Daughter Station - Dalwhinnie

CNG Virtual Pipeline

  • Daughter Stations – Glenmorangie, Dalwhinnie, Roseisle, Clynelish
  • First to design and build of a CNG decanting system at distillery sites including ground CNG storage for continuity of supply

First Biomethane Injection into the NTS

Somerset Farm

First use of Soluforce in a GB high-pressure gas project, which represents an important development as this pipeline material is likely to be very useful for Hydrogen applications.

Theddlethorpe and Saltfleetby

First UK Reinforced Thermoplastic (RTP) NTS connected private pipeline.


Created UK’s First Biomethane Injection Project.



  • First Commercial Biomethane Injection Project in the UK
  • First use of membrane plant (brought to GB by CSL)
CNG Refinery CNG Refinery CNG Refinery

Vale Green

First use in GB of biomethane upgrading unit with CO2 capture (brought to UK by CSL).


First Biomethane Injection connection to the Local Transmission System (LTS) Self Lay Project.

Raynham Farms

First UK Reinforced Thermoplastic (RTP) LTS pipeline.


First biomethane site with remote compressor (7 km of 6.9 bar pipeline to the compressor which is located at the LTS).

Compressed Biomethane (CBM) Colony Farm

First use of UMOE Type 4 glass fibre CNG/CBM trailer for biomethane in GB.

Colony Farm
Emerald Biogas

Emerald Biogas Station

Design and installation of the first compressed biomethane dispenser system directly from the biogas upgrading plant.


First CNG station connection to the LTS.


CNG Services

CNG Services provides design, build and project management services for new gas pipelines, Bio-CNG filling stations and biomethane to grid plant



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