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Biomethane to grid

Biomethane to Grid

The gas network will adopt assets from the Remotely Operated Valve (ROV) to point of connection on the gas grid, including the export pipeline.


Bio-CNG is an innovative vehicle fuel that permits hauliers to decarbonise their Heavy Goods Vehicles in 2021! Unlike other diesel alternatives, Bio-CNG offers customers readily available OEM products in the HGV market, allowing them to immediately cut carbon emissions and reduce their operating costs.


Virtual Pipelines

Many industrial and commercial energy users are looking for alternative fuels to heavy fuel oil, medium fuel oil or gas oil. Government requirements and the need to reduce CO2 emissions to meet Net Zero incentivise these users to switch to alternative fuels such as natural gas. Where no gas grid is available, an alternative solution needs to be found.


CNG Services Ltd provides design, consultancy and construction services in relation to hydrogen projects. We support projects relating to hydrogen production and storage and blending of hydrogen with biomethane.



Our dedicated team for above and below 7 bar pipelines and associated pipework work on a variety of projects including, but not limited to, biomethane injection pipelines, Bio-CNG filling stations and back up gas fired power generation sites. We work on projects that involve the design, installation, testing and commissioning of assets for gas networks, as well as private assets owned by third parties.


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