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Somerset Farm

Design, build and assist customer with Application to Offer (A2O) process to connect to National Grid’s National Transmission System (NTS). Inject biomethane directly into the NTS.


Somerset Farm




March 2020

Project Outcomes

  • The first connection to the NTS for biomethane injection.
  • No capacity issues on NTS networks which can be associated with lower pressure tiers on distribution networks. The site processes 2,000 m3/h of biogas and injects 1,100 Sm3/h of biomethane into the grid.
  • No requirement for odorant or propane injection into the biomethane, since it is not being injected into a local distribution zone.
  • The site allows an annual emission saving 17,000 tonnes CO2 by displacing natural gas.
  • Use of SoluForce RTP for on-site 75 bar pipework (photo above).
Somerset farm


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