Virtual Pipelines

Design, build and project management of Virtual pipelines.

CNG Virtual Gas Storage

With high oil prices, transporting gas by road to customers not connected to the gas grid is becoming attractive. CNG Services is working on a number of projects using CNG and LNG as a way to give customers the benefit of natural gas. Using CNG or LNG in this way is known as a 'virtual pipeline'.

A trailer filled with CNG can transport around 5 tonnes of gas, an LNG tanker around 21 tonnes.

CNG Services provides a number of services in relation to virtual pipelines:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design of compression plant
  • Specification of all plant (including CNG trailers) and management of tender process
  • Financial and regulatory advice
  • Project management through to commissioning and operations

For more information about how CSL can help with your project, read our virtual pipeline leaflet or contact us.

Virtual Gas Pipelines - CNG Services