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Virtual Pipelines

Many industrial and commercial energy users are looking for alternative fuels to heavy fuel oil, medium fuel oil or gas oil. Government requirements and the need to reduce CO2 emissions incentivise these users to switch to alternative fuels such as natural gas but, where no gas grid is available, an alternative solution needs to be found.

CNG refinery

CNG Services has worked on several projects to transport compressed natural gas (CNG) via a ‘virtual pipeline’ to off-grid customers. The gas is generally compressed from a high-pressure distribution or transmission grid and dispensed into CNG trailers.

These trailers generally have a capacity of between seven and ten tonnes of gas which can then be transported to the end user; when delivered, the gas will be decompressed at an offloading site and fed to the end user at a usable pressure.

Colony Farm

An alternative application of a virtual pipeline is to transport renewable ‘upgraded biogas’ from an anaerobic digestion facility to a hub site. These sites enrich the upgraded biogas into biomethane and inject it into the grid, gaining an RHI tariff which can then be shared with the biogas producer. This is particularly attractive for those who are not near a gas grid with sufficient capacity for injection, or for those who produce such a large volume of biomethane that RHI income becomes restricted by the tiering system.

CNG Services can provide support and EPC services from project inception all the way through to project hand-over, including the following:

  • Project feasibility studies and economic analysis
  • Project management, design, specification, procurement, construction, and commissioning of compression and decompression plant
  • Financial and regulatory advice

Case Studies



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