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High Pressure Grid CNG: The low CO2 option for HGVs

Presentation at the I Mech E Sustainable Vehicle Technologies Conference

CNG Services Ltd MD John Baldwin gave a presentation at an I Mech E conference in Gaydon today. The conference focused on low carbon options for transportation.

“the use of the 6,000 km of high pressure grid in the UK means a low carbon source of fuel is within 1 km of 90% of UK distribution centres, offering around 20% CO2 reduction when used in duel fuel CNG-diesel trucks”

John Baldwin

By 2025 it is estimated that the UK will have to pay an additional £40 billion a year on oil imports. “So, we must invest in insulation to reduce gas demand for heating to allow the >switch to running trucks on natural gas supplied from high pressure grid, saving 20% CO2. If that gas is produced from waste using anaerobic digestion or from shale gas resources in Lancashire we keep all the money circulating in our economy, better environmental outcome, thousands of jobs.”

John explained that to back up wind generation, gas is needed and it is much better for the UK economy and the planet if that gas is produced in UK due to the very high CO2 emissions associated with LNG imports.


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