Biomethane to Grid

Biomethane injection into the gas grid.

Biomethane to Grid

CNG Services Ltd provides expert, up to the minute independent design, consultancy and project management services for all your biomethane and biogas project requirements. We are experts in the financial incentives available for renewable methane used to generate electricity, as a vehicle fuel or for injection into the gas grid.

With an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements and technologies of biomethane production, we can ensure a smooth transition from drawing board to commissioning. 

ResizedImage300354.6 gasdnoOur clients include a number of major UK water companies and energy suppliers.

CNG Services provides the following range of services:

  1. Gas clean-up design and project management
  2. Enrichment to gas grid specification
  3. Injection to gas grid (gas quality monitoring, connection pipeline)
  4. Negotiations with gas grid operators (Network Entry Agreement)
  5. Support in relation to gas price negotiations with gas suppliers
  6. Advice on relative economics and CO2 performance of all utilization options

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Connecting to the Gas Grid

As part of our support to potential biomethane projects we have now obtained access to all gas Grid Network Maps owned by National Grid, Wales & West Utilities, Northern Gas Networks and Scotia Gas Networks (including Southern Gas Networks). With access to these Gas Grid Maps we are now offering a FREE service to assist clients with determining if there are suitable gas pipelines in the area. We will provide Satellite and gas grid view maps showing the closest connections and pressure of gas mains in the area of interest. Once connection points have been identified, we can also progress the query directly with the Grid owners for confirmation of pipeline capacity to ensure your project has the opportunity to go down the biomethane to grid route. 

Once you're connected the biomethane needs to be shipped by a licensed gas shipper. Barrow Shipping Ltd is currently the UK's only tailored shipper service to meet the specific needs of the biomethane sector - for more info see our page on Barrow Shipping, or visit the Barrow Shipping website.

IFI Pilot Project to create capacity for biomethane by within-grid compression

Many BtG sites are in rural areas where there is insufficient demand on the network to utilise all the biomethane produced injected into the network. It is environmentally damaging to flare excess biomethane, and storage is uneconomic. CNG Services has been working closely with Northern Gas Networks and National Grid on an IFI funded project to rectify this problem. By using a specially designed compressor, gas can be moved from the connected system into an upstream (higher pressure) system where demand is greater and hence create the capacity needed at the point of biomethane injection. The project principles have been assessed through a feasibility study and are now being tested in practice on a small-scale pilot compressor plant connected to the NGN network at Skipton. Results and learning points will be used in the design of full scale plants for future biomethane to grid projects.

Example Projects



CSL Scope

Didcot Scotia Gas Networks, Thames Water & Centrica Feasibility, design and Project management of the UK's first Biomethane to Grid project (taking flared biogas and injecting it into the gas grid)
Poundbury Duchy of Cornwall, JVEnergen, Scotia Gas Networks

Feasibility, design and project management, engineering and renewable heat incentive scheme support for the UK's first commercial biomethane to grid plant

General The Carbon Trust Review of Technologies and associated capital and operating costs for gas clean-up and upgrading

For more information about how CSL can help your biogas or biomethane project, click link to download our Biomethane brochure.

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