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UK’s first Biomethane to Grid Plant

Didcot Sewage Works

CNG Services Ltd congratulates Thames Water, Scotia Gas Networks (SGN) and Centrica for the launch of the UK’s first biomethane to grid (“BtG”) plant at Thames Water’s sewage works at Didcot. The project was originally conceived by CNG Services in early 2009 and represents an important milestone in the development of UK renewable energy. The project sponsors will showcase the success of this project by hosting a barbeque fuelled by the gas produced on site.

The Didcot project aims to prove that BtG is possible, identifies opportunities to reduce the capital and operating costs, and makes it easier for future biomethane injection projects to go ahead. SGN provided ‘Innovation Funds’ designed to facilitate research and development in the UK gas industry, which has enabled the project to be developed ahead of the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) from April 2011.

The biogas produced at the site undergoes a clean-up and upgrading process using a water wash technology provided by Chesterfield Biogas. This removes moisture, CO2 and H2S to produce a clean, dry gas composed of over 97% biomethane. Before the gas can be injected into the grid, a small amount of propane must be added so the calorific value of the biomethane matches that of the gas in the SGN grid.

The official launch event today (October 5th) will mark the first biomethane injected into the grid in the UK and prove just how important biomethane is for UK sustainable energy. CNG Services is working on a further 20 BtG projects that are likely to go ahead providing the RHI is introduced in 2011 at a level that matches the return from generating electricity. In addition, CNG Services has completed trials of the use of biomethane as a vehicle fuel with BiogenGreenfinch, Yorkshire Water and Scottish Water.


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