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First Brewery Waste Biomethane to Grid

Adnams Brewery

CNG Services Ltd congratulates Adnams Bio Energy, British Gas and National Grid for delivering the UK’s first biomethane produced from brewery and local food waste to the gas grid. CNG Services have provided design and technical support as well as other consultancy related to the injection of gas into the NTS at the Adnams Brewery.

The project will generate up to 4.8 million kWh pa which would heat up to 235 homes for a year or power a family sized car for 4 million miles. The eventual aim is to produce enough gas to power the Adnams brewery its fleet of lorries as well as injecting the remaining 60% into the grid.

In addition to reducing waste from the brewery itself, Adnams also provides an outlet for local food waste from both Waitrose and John Lewis, significantly reducing waste sent to landfill. On top of this, other sources of renewable energy such as photovoltaic cells and solar thermal panels have been incorporated into the site to further increase sustainability.

CNG Services is working on a further 20 BtG projects that are likely to go ahead providing the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is introduced in 2011 at a level that matches the return from generating electricity. CNG Services has also completed trials of the use of biomethane as a vehicle fuel with BiogenGreenfinch, Yorkshire Water and Scottish Water.


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